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Welcome to Retire 2 Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand, with its very livable climate, friendly people, wonderful food, and a cost of living that allows for a comfortable lifestyle, has become a “hub” for tourism, medical care, and increasingly, a destination for retirees the world over.

I’ve been writing about living in and retiring to Thailand now for about 15 years. This has produced approximately 150 blog posts, more than 50 magazine articles, a number of eBooks, and lots of information. Our new website, retire2thailand.org, will be a place where we can gather these thoughts, suggestions, advice, and information on living-in for some, and retiring-to for others, this wonderful country of Thailand.

Enjoy your research on what life in Thailand can be like for you, and lots of luck with your future plans.

Hugh Leong

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The Age of Gold

The Age of Gold Originally posted on June 3, 2011 Posted on my 65th birthday. Next week I turn 72. Most of this post still holds true. Going out later to buy a set of weights.   I just looked at my passport and it says that today is my 65th birthday. That can’t be right. Seems like just yesterday I was 22 years old and stepping off that Pam Am 707, Round-The-World Flight #001, at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok for my first time. It was Durian season and the aroma was deadly, and I swear the temperature was 150 degrees. I almost got

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